Dr. Achara's professional assistance is designed to offer patients seeking dental treatment in Thailand a seamless, worry-free experience, connecting them with the best dental professionals and ensuring high-quality, personalized care.

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The 7 Steps of Dr. Achara's Professional Assistance for Dental Treatment in Thailand

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Initial Consultation

Dr. Achara will begin by understanding the patient's dental needs, concerns, and expectations. She will ask for relevant dental and medical history, dental treatment plans (if any), dental x-rays, and photographs of the patient's smile and teeth, along with their specific concerns. 

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Assessing Patient Information

After receiving the necessary information, Dr. Achara will carefully review and assess the patient's dental condition and requirements. She will also take into account any preferences regarding treatment location, duration, and budget.

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Identifying the Right Dental Specialist

Using her extensive network and knowledge of dental professionals in Thailand, Dr. Achara will identify the most qualified and experienced dental specialist for the patient's specific needs.

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Treatment Plan Recommendation

Dr. Achara will collaborate with the selected dental specialist to develop a customized treatment plan, including treatment options, duration, and cost estimates. This plan will be communicated to the patient for their consideration.

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Appointment Scheduling

Once the patient approves the treatment plan, Dr. Achara will help schedule appointments with the chosen dental specialist in Thailand, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for the patient.

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Ongoing Support

Throughout  the dental treatment journey, Dr. Achara will be available to provide ongoing support, addressing any questions or concerns the patient may have. She will also act as a liaison between the patient and the dental specialist, ensuring clear communication and optimal treatment outcomes. 

Initial Consultation , Best Dentist in Thailand


Follow-up and Guarantee

After the dental treatment is completed, Dr. Achara will follow up with the patient to ensure their satisfaction and address any post-treatment concerns. She will also provide a guarantee on the dental procedures, valid in Thailand, giving the patient peace of mind regarding the quality of their treatment.